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She’s My Sis!

"Big sisters and brothers… I am telling you, it never changes." – Janet Jackson
This weekend my sister from Spokane came and visited me.  The Cougar that showed me the ropes and taught me all about bad habits.  Having a big sister was and is awesome.
Rock On Class of 85!
I thank God for my sister and am glad that we are close and that my kids have her as an aunt.  I think that it is easy to take for granted that we have family members someplace in the world but we need to stay close and keep in touch.  IM, email, and the phone are nice, but there is something so much better sitting across the room talking about the good times and the bad.  Finding out things you never knew about the other person, or helping to remind people what you do know about them.
So here is to sharing a can of Copenhagen with my sister, going to the state line when she was 19 and I was riding shotgun, and now being so very thankful that we share the same God and beliefs.  (and knowing that all the lessons my kids will get from her today are not those lessons she taught me when I was just a boy).
See Debi at http://www.sdrarabians.com (Blame me for the lack of a site…).
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