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"I got lost but look what I found." – Irving Berlin

The timer is ticking… 4 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes, 18 seconds

I am not sure if I am a glutton for punishment, a sucker for anything viral, or just have too much time on my hands.

I came across a link while browsing a Jeep site, the link was not "normal" looking so I clicked on it.  It kind of looked like this:  www.lost.eu/41994

I thought "lost", cool, maybe something related to the TV. show, you know which one I am talking about.  Well it is not related to that show but it is a pretty cool site regardless.  It is almost an online game site.  For me it qualifies as it is a puzzle for me to solve.  So like the TV show I am now faced with a button to push every time the clock runs out or it is game over.

The site has a couple other twists as well.  The first is the notion of 6 degrees of separation.  The viral portion of the site is how you need to continually get new people to reset your counter.  The second twist is you are not supposed to give people the link but rather place the link in public places where people will happen upon it.  You can visualize the degrees of separation and get points for creative ways to draw people to the site.  A blog is the least creative… so sue me!

There are only around 10000 people playing the game right now, player number 7 million gets something special.  I doubt it will reach 7 million but I will check in from time to time and see.


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