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PowerSlave’s current status: Online

December 14, 2007 Leave a comment

Always have a backup plan.  – Mila Kunis

It has been a great 24 hours!  I finally have a gadget/toy before certain friends… yes they know who they are and they are the jealous ones for a change 🙂

I have my new 1TB HP Windows Home Server (WHS) online.  My computers are now images, data is backed up, and I can browse all my files, images, and music from the comfort of the entire internet!  Easy as 1, 2, 3 – good stuff.

I also have been playing with several add-in’s, one definately worth mentioning is a Website Management tool called Whiist.  Information can be found at


What about that name?
Since the dawn of time, I have had a pattern to name all my PC’s after albums or songs from one specific band.  My kids who would rather name their own computer think I am a control freak, my wife just thinks I am a freak.
Her desktop is called Sanctuary, my Media Center is Futureal.  I figured PowerSlave was a fitting name for a server who is keeping the rest of the data under control.
If you really are interested in the band I am sure you can figure it out rather quickly.  Another option would be to look at this Geocache.
Back to the WHS
Safe data, public and private shares, ability to remote into all my computers.  It really is a nice home appliance.  60gig of digital pictures and a new video camera that is hard drive based means I need to keep my data safe and sound. 
Jungle Drive and a few other’s are making add-ins to push the dataset into the cloud for offsite backup and disaster recovery.  I need to do some price comparision before I make that leap. For now I will make sure I don’t leave any candles lit when I am not in the room.
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