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Maximum Destruction

January 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments
You may be a redneck if… you have spent more on your pickup truck than on your education.Jeff Foxworthy
This weekend I went to the Monster Truck Jam at the Tacoma Dome.  Todd a buddy of mine and I counted and I think this makes the 6th year in a row we have gone.  Part of me feels right at home and the other part of me wonders what I am doing their.  The right at home part wins out pretty quick as the sound track to the show vibrates through the bleachers and bands such as AC/DC and Metallica are snuffed out only by the sound of blown big block engines starting up.
This year the second place winner of the free style event was Maximum Destruction.  I think that the Max D driver was the best and he only lost to Grave Digger because of the popularity and history the Digger truck has.
The size of the Tacoma Dome keeps the event pretty low key.  I found the same trucks on You Tube putting on a much better show than we saw Saturday.
Maximum Destruction –
Grave Digger –
Before the Monsters 
I remember my first "Tractor Pull".  Souped up tractors that looked like farm equipment but were covered in chrome and had blowers on them would pull a sled.  The farther the sled moved, the more the weight went up on the rear axle of the tractor.  Chewelah held a couple of these along 395 in a field. 
Later mud racing was added.  A long drag race type event where 4×4’s ran side by side in a trench full of thick mud. 
Soon lifted trucks started getting popular and Big Foot made his first appearance at a tractor pull.  The truck was not built to pull and soon the found it much more entertaining to drive over the top of things instead of pull or drive in the mud.
Monster Truck Jams as they are called today are a lot of fun but I think that they have lost the roots of the sport and are missing some great pieces.
I have known a few people who have aspired to be redneck status and a few others who definately are even though their truck may not be running or is on blocks in the front yard.  However people that know me know I am way too much of a tight wad to achieve redneck status through the add-ons and tweaking of my vehicle.  I have made a few incremental improvements, but I am afraid the ratio of college loans to the fun I spend with my Wrangler will never be that close.
I hope you enjoy the videos 🙂
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