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Total Eclipse

February 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments
The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us. Dennis Banks

The power of the sun, earth, and the moon being aligned tonight is the only thing that can explain why I now can play Rock Band on my Xbox 360 any time I want to…
So for 20 minutes last night I played Guitar Hero on the Wii after dinner at a friends house and today I can do it in style on a 360.  That kind of explosive purchase is not typical for me.
I can say this about the 360 however…
  1. Plug and Play
  2. Windows Media Center connected in less than 10 minutes (6 of that was installing an update on my 2005 PC)
  3. Windows Home Server shared music, video, and photos in 5 seconds, my WHS was just there.  (Kind of spooky actually)
  4. Online with Live, a Gamer tag, and browsing the market place without even knowing really what to expect in teh 360 UI.

I think that this was probably the second easiest hardware/software integration experience i have ever had.  The HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server was pretty easy but the XBox 360 was more fun.

I was a bit saddened to see all the cables in the Rock Band box.  I guess not everything can be wireless.  The 10 foot experience cable free with the 360 controller however is sure nice.

So that is it.  I won’t be paying bills online tonight as I need to figure out how to unlock the Metallica songs.

Rock On!


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  1. Robert
    February 22, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Look, I finally got a Windows Live ID. Now, it sounds like it’s time for a Rock Band night at the Blanks…

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