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Spanaway Moonshiners

The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.Adam Smith

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to head to a "High Performance Swapmeet" in Puyallup.  We rode in style…

     0309081216      jeep_rescue

Branden drove.  Since my TJ cut off the back half of his rig in the picture above I also added his mod blue prints to this post.

The swapmeet cost ten dollars to get into (when did that start happening?)   

We saw a lot of new and used parts, some rigs that were fixed up pretty nice, and a few rigs that looked like relatives of my first jeep…


I found a few things I need (2 D rings and a new tow rope) and a few things I would like to have… but mostly I had a good time walking around the fairgrounds with a couple buddies and a lot of Jeeps.  When I saw the older rigs it made me think that having a project car would be fun.  Of course my old Willys sat for 20 years and I never touched it, so I doubt a project car is in my near future.

We tried for 2 caches on the way home, found one and got skunked on the other. 

Another highlight was the biscuits and gravy.  I also found out that Tony is not fond of Tabasco sauce.  (I still used it but in moderation).

If an early morning drive to a swapmeet doesn’t sound like fun to you don’t worry…




It’s a Jeep thing… You wouldn’t understand!


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