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If binary nats were treated like flies

I’m like a Dilbert cartoon. – David Spade

David and I have a lot in common I guess…  See TeamBlank’s creations.

Terminology –

A bit is a binary digit, taking a value of either 0 or 1. For example, the number 10010111 is 8 bits long, or in most cases, one modern PC byte. Binary digits are a basic unit of information storage and communication in digital computing and digital information theory. Information theory also often uses the natural digit, called either a nit or a nat. Quantum computing also uses qubits, a single piece of information with a probability of being true.

The bit is also a unit of measurement, the information capacity of one binary digit. It has the symbol bit, or b (see discussion below). The unit is also known as the shannon, with symbol Sh.

Enter BitStrips


Bit Strips
My local stored image


The embedded Bitstrips player

Once again I have found a site on the web that will probably consume more of my time than it should.

A comic strip creation site that lets you create characters, emotion, stories, and just about anything you need to express yourself.

Fun stuff!

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