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I was ready…

February 18, 2009 2 comments
Digital for storage and quickness. Analog for fatness and warmth.  –  Adrian Belew
Are you DTV Ready?  Today was the big cut over but I guess the government lost "hope" and was not really ready for "change"…

The world is already digital right?  Last month I had an analog antenna on the roof of my shed and was completely happy with my 5 channels.  Now I have to deal with a digital world.  Lets see… my tuners in my XP Media Center are analog.  My Xbox 1.0 does not stream HD, and my 27inch tube TV… well it is not really ready either.  So I guess I better get up on the roof.  The question is, am I taking down or putting up?  What are my options?  Dish?  Cable?  IPTV?

GeoBlank & Michael on the roof!

After it is all said and done I don’t want another a monthly payment and I hear that open air digital gives you a pretty good set of channels.  I had an antenna before so I will have an antenna still. was my friend.  Almost everything you see below I got for way under cost and because of I actually got 30% back on several of the already low "Buy It" now prices I found!

Click for larger image.

Upgrade complete!

Vista Media Center was something I had put off for too long.  Since I had to do it for the HD stream I am much better off.  Network tuners also made the wiring easy from my new antenna to the garage and onto my network.  The recent upgrade to the Windows Home Server also is a great addition to Media Center.  You can read more about that feature if you search for PP2 and WHS.

Since I am cheap and since I really did not want a bunch of components in my family room I opted for the Xbox 360 "paired" surround system by Pioneer.  The system has an integrated Media Center / 360 remote control and compliments the room nicely.  Rock Band sounds pretty good as well!

Now I have all my original channels in HD and I also get some new ones like the Retro TV Network – That is right – Air Wolf, A-Team, and the Hulk daily!  JCTV is a great channel.  If you have not seen The Logan Show what are you waiting for!  And of course with the Vista Media Center I can now enjoy The Guild on demand  through my Media Center Extenders.

Life is pretty good!  (Maybe I will use some of the money I am saving on cable to finally go gold – Xbox gold that is!)


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