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20 years later…

January 4, 2008 Leave a comment
Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. –  Tryon Edwards
2008 the year we make contact? 
My first thoughts of the new year are centered around friends from the past and the thought that some of them are thinking about the class of 1988 and a 20 year reunion. 
A few days before Christmas I got a call from Dan Vogt saying he was going to have a long lay over between here and Alaska.  We are going to try to get together.  Maybe play a little X-Box.  I think he only will play my moto-cross game if he can wear all green and ride a Kawasaki – (Old habbits die hard I guess).
I got another call during Christmas break from Mitch Harrison, what a great suprise.   It was nice to catch up with an old buddy and talk about Chewelah, mudding in a field along 395, and the good old days before mortgages and having to get up to work everyday.  I would definately not trade the life I have now to be locked into a perpetual "summer break" between my junior and senior years of high school, but the things we did and people we hung out with were sure great to think about.
Right after the new year I also got emails from Kim, Matt, and Cathi all giving me a shout out and a "best for 2008".  Like the out of the blue call from Mitch it was nice to hear from some old friends and got me thinking about this summer and a class reunion.
2 days go by…
When it rains it pours (funny me being near Seattle…)  While this entry sat in a draft state I got an email from another class mate (Rachel R.) and the topic of it being 2008 and what is up with the reunion surfaced again.  I guess a lot of people have the same thing on their minds.
I am no event planner and not sure what official responsibility our 1988 class officers still have when it comes to planning these events, but I do hope that someone will take the baton and run with it.  On a side note I think I penciled in Dan Vogt to be our president and Bob Nelson to be his secretary, I really thought Dan deserved to have a secretary with long blonde hair… (but I am now going off topic…)
I created an 88Cougs group site on Yahoo (Click Me!) and hope that this will help "corral the cats" in a way we can share information and touch base not only for our 20 year reunion but also far into the future.  (I prefer Live Search & Live Spaces but I know several people are part of John May’s 80’s Cougar Uber site).  The 88Cougs site is setup as secure and private so any personal information you add will be hidden from the public, what you add is also totally up to you and optional.  Feel free to just visit the site and see what information ends up being made available.
Congratulations to Rennie Howard for being the first official member. 
Happy New Year!  2008 is off to a good start so far!
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She’s My Sis!

April 24, 2007 Leave a comment
"Big sisters and brothers… I am telling you, it never changes." – Janet Jackson
This weekend my sister from Spokane came and visited me.  The Cougar that showed me the ropes and taught me all about bad habits.  Having a big sister was and is awesome.
Rock On Class of 85!
I thank God for my sister and am glad that we are close and that my kids have her as an aunt.  I think that it is easy to take for granted that we have family members someplace in the world but we need to stay close and keep in touch.  IM, email, and the phone are nice, but there is something so much better sitting across the room talking about the good times and the bad.  Finding out things you never knew about the other person, or helping to remind people what you do know about them.
So here is to sharing a can of Copenhagen with my sister, going to the state line when she was 19 and I was riding shotgun, and now being so very thankful that we share the same God and beliefs.  (and knowing that all the lessons my kids will get from her today are not those lessons she taught me when I was just a boy).
See Debi at (Blame me for the lack of a site…).
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Here is to next year!

April 17, 2007 Leave a comment

"Without a reunion, the Eagles are forever young, like James Dean." – Glenn Frey

So first to make this page "search engine friendly" and attract those looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow lets add a few nice key words…

Jenkins High School, Class of 1988, Class of 88, Chewelah, Browns Lake, Sporty’s, Warpage, One Stop Light, Polanskis Pizza, Kegar, Quartzsite (Face the mountains), Monster Trucks, Mr. May taught me to drive 🙂

This is not really a Cougar Sighting but more a hunting trip, or the preparation for said trip- Cougar Baiting.

After seeing a few friends’s sites on MySpace I became a bit nostalgic and started thinking that next year we will be having our 20 year class reuinion.  I can’t believe it has been 20 years! 

I have heard that people go to the 10 year to impress or to show off what they have become or accomplished.  It is the 20 year when people go to be real and reconnect with people they have not seen for many years.  The 30 year is when we go to show off again, grandchildren and the like, although I think we did have a few grandchildren in one family at the 10 year!

The Class of 88’s 20 year is still over a year away but lets not wait until the last minute or we may be faced to meet in the back of the Senior Center… 🙂

By the way, who are the planners from the Class of 88?  I know you know who you are – I know I am not on that list but will start taking names and beverage recommendations now.

So here is to next year, I hope that I see the 110 odd graduates from Jenkins High School.

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Hey Goat, Canada called and they want their car back.

April 11, 2007 Leave a comment
Nova Scotia that is… 🙂
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."  – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Living on the west half of the state I don’t cross paths with to many folks I grew up with.  It is always nice to find out how someone is doing or to actually bump into them.
Dan called me last week and said he had a layover at Sea-Tac between Alaska and Spokane on Easter Sunday. 
Quick buzz down to the aiport, ham dinner at the Blank’s, desert, and a quick buzz back to the airport.
Find out more about the Goat here:  
Did you know that Mr. Miller gave him the nickname Goatroper?  Dan said that in 6th grade he called him Nanny Goat and that is when it all started.  Learn something new every day.
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