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Let the Blogging Begin!

April 10, 2007 Leave a comment
Not that I am bragging but I first logged on to Compuserve via a 300 baud modem sometime in the mid 80’s… 
"No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it." – Helen Keller
I guess it is time for me to give back.  Let the blogging begin!
What could you possibly see here?
  • TeamBlank – What are we up to.
  • Jeepin – Yellow or not here I come
  • Geocaching – If you don’t know about caching you should stay tuned
  • Cougar Sightings – What Chewelan have I ran into lately
  • The Blank Legacy – Ramblings about genealogy.  Of interest only to relatives who may run into it via search.
  • Gadget Factor – Toys, devices, and things that go beep in the night.
  • WWJD – Anything interesting that may help you make the most important choice of your life
  • Puzzled? – Online puzzle resources and brain twisters
  • NECBGB – Not everyone can be GeoBlank…  Random rants related to GeoBlank.
  • High Speed, Low Drag – A catch all category where the feature is probably more low speed and a real drag.  (potentially plagerized)
  • Tales from the Barber Chair – Great teachings handed down from generation to generation
  • Mystery Category – I do not know what I do not know

So these are all or some of the categories you may see on this site.   To many?  Not Enough?  Can everything I do be put in these categories?

Wait and See!


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