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Tron 2.0

October 9, 2007 Leave a comment
"Tell the truth so as to puzzle and confound your adversaries." – Henry Wotton
Excellent job SCRuBBers for a most enjoyable Puzzle Hunt.
This weekend was the 11th Microsoft Puzzle Hunt.  The 3rd one for my team.  We are on a steady rise solving 51% of the puzzles (prior years was 46% and 38% if memory serves me correctly).  Time and experience hopefully will get us to complete an entire hunt before too many years go by.
The highlight this year was the UI designed in Silverlight.  It was not only well done and creative but the features and ability for the M.C.P. to push puzzles and video to our desktop without a refresh was awesome.
51% of the puzzles may sound week but believe me, until you take it on don’t even offer an opinion.  38 puzzles in about 30 hours does sound a bit slow especially since we had 11 people working on them… Truth be told though the release of puzzles is based on solving other waves.  So we really did not get to see first hand all 76 puzzles. 
If you want to think like a puzzler here is a puzzle you can start with…
… compared to the Puzzle Hunt however, this does not even come close.
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Killer Puzzles

April 13, 2007 Leave a comment
"Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle." – Lewis Carroll
Puzzles, riddles, and problems to solve…  This category will be used to taunt you will a puzzle or talk about what is going on in my world of problems to solve.  It may interest some and bore most 🙂 
Annually I participate on a puzzle hunt team where we create a team of 12 people and lock ourselves in a room for roughly 32 hours.  Sound like fun?  For some it would be insanity but for others it is like being in a video game where you are the character racing against the timer to try and come out victorious. 
Puzzle hunts are pretty popular in several companies.  Not sure if the common factor is the number of geeks who are in the company or not.
There are also a lot of online places where you can solve puzzles and compete for points.
A new place that just launched online is called and anyone can play.  Last year the owner of this site launched another online game to promote a movie.  That site is now closed but was called I came in 22nd place overall I believe and ended up winning tickets to a reality adventure that will be happening in June.  The ultimate puzzle hunt where you are emersed into a 4 day adventure given a map and very little information to start with.  I am guessing it will be like a shortened version of Amazing Race or something similar.
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