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Keep It Simple (Stupid)

July 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius
What is RSS?
a.) Rashtiya Swayamsevak Sangh – also known as the Sangh or the RSS, is a Hindu revivalist organization in India.
b.) Residual sum of squares – It is a measure of the discrepancy between the data and an estimation model.
c.) Really Simple Syndication – RSS is a dialect of XML used to syndicate web content.
d.) All of the above
Wait for it…    RSS is actually all of the above plus so many other things. 
My favorite definition is that it is a TLA  that can stand for a variety of terms.  (Wikipedia is so smart!)
 What is the point?  The point is I have not posted anything on this site since March 23rd.  Since making the shift to Facebook/GeoBlank I have neglected many of the other “Blank Pages” on the WWW. 
Facebook is a great end point but it does not have to be everything to everyone.  RSS is a great way to re-use existing sites and to corral your data where you want it to go.  Below is a diagram showing where my bits flow.  The method of distribution is RSS.  RSS makes sure new posts get to where they need to go and duplication is avoided.
The diagram shows 5 places where data originates. 
  1. The first is where you may have enjoyed such great works as “Tales from the Barber Chair” or “Inside the Empire”
  2. Next is this Blog – Where you can enjoy “The Blank Chronicles” a blog like many other blogs… out of date and not super exciting.
  3. Next I show a place holder – this can be anything RSS enabled.  The possibilities are endless!
  4. Next is my XBox 360 – When I am on XBox Live what I am doing is posted on the Live Servers.
  5. Finally there is Twitter – Twitter is down farther in the stack since it is both a place to create data but also a place to send data.

Under the souces of data is FeedBurner.  I really hate to takl about FeedBurner as it was purchased by “that other company” some time back. It does however do a job and it does it pretty well.  I can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and use it to “burn” and distribute the data.  This way if my feed urls change I can manage them in a single place and not worry about my consumers.

TwitterFeed is a web site that allows you to connect Twitter up to RSS feeds.  Between FeedBurner and TwitterFeed, I can use a simple set of tools to connect anything to Twitter.

XBox Nation is a specialized site that allows me to publish my XBox Live Server status to Twitter.  If it says I am watching a movie you better believe I am watching a movie. 

The final piece of the puzzle is the Twitter add-in for Facebook.  I have it setup so anything I post to Twitter ends up on Facebook.  The nice thing about this is that any site that is Twitter friendly now pushes to Facebook without me doing any additional work.  A couple sites I have been playing with are BriteKite, as well as Twitter integration for

What is the point of all this? 

The way I look at it I have five choices.

  1. Clean my office
  2. Watch Americas Got Talent (woops I am missing it… coming! – NOT)
  3. Update my Blog
  4. Play Zenga Texas Holdem Poker
  5. Finish writing my FY10 commitments for work.

Since number 3 is complete I guess I will see how the cards are.